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TPO Roofing

Like elastomeric membranes, TPO membranes are increasingly used for the construction or repair of low-pitch or flat roofs on residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Weather-resistant, easy to maintain and durable, their popularity is easy to understand. We install TPO roofing in Laval and Greater Montreal.

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Characteristics of a TPO roof

In recent times, TPO roofing has become more and more popular for the construction of flat or low slope roofs, in Quebec. This, for various reasons.

The Specifics of a TPO roof:

  • Lasts 25 to 30 years and perhaps more, if well maintained
  • Strong resistance to harsh weather, extreme temperatures (no breakage due to thermal shock), ultraviolet rays and bacteria.
  • Exceptionally watertight
  • Tough and flexible, the TPO membrane offers good resistance to punctures and tears.
  • Effective against insects and humidity
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Aesthetic, the white-colored version is increasingly popular
  • Cost-effective
  • 100% recyclable

This recent technology is currently the most environmentally friendly of all types of roofing. TPO roofing is 100% recyclable and is less polluting, because it’s not made from oil.

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What you should know about the TPO membrane

The TPO membrane is composed of a monolayer system made of thermoplastic polyolefin. In order to increase its strength and durability, a variety of fillers such as talcum powder, carbon or fiberglass are used in the manufacturing process.

For installation, the joints of this synthetic rubber are welded together by hot air, without a blowtorch, which ensures an exceptional seal. Moreover, this method of installation and manufacturing allows the TPO membrane to be the most environmentally friendly. As with the elastomeric membrane, the installation of TPO membranes must be carried out by qualified, equipped and experienced professionals. Couv-Toit has all the necessary qualifications to safely install a TPO membrane on your roof.

This white roof doesn’t retain the sun’s rays or the heat they produce. Consequently, it helps reduce air conditioning costs for your building, as well as the urban heat islands that are experienced in some cities.

The TPO roof is slightly more expensive, but remains a very interesting option for a home or business with a flat or low-pitch roof.

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