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Residential Roofing

The roof is the most important element of any home. Unfortunately, it’s also the part that’s most exposed to harsh weather conditions. This makes it vulnerable to the trials of time. At Couvreur Couv-Toit we use the necessary, quality materials that guarantee durability and excellence when it comes to covering your home.

Our professional, dedicated Couvreur Couv-Toit team has enthusiastically worked on all kinds of home roofing projects in Laval and Greater Montreal since 2005. Whether you need construction, repair, emergency intervention or roof maintenance, we always apply the same meticulous attention to detail.

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    Complete service to care for the roof on your home

    Whether you need construction or renovation services for a residential roof, trust that we’ll make every effort to offer remarkable service and impeccable quality.

    Your roof can be built from various materials, including shingles, elastomeric membrane, or TPO, depending on the type of project. Because each situation is different, we make sure that we’re meeting your needs and respecting your budget.

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    Accessible financing

    We’ve been doing residential roofing repair and refurbishments since 2005. We know it can be daunting when you’re considering the costs, and you can count on our team to offer you financing options that make sense for your project, and your budget.

    Our partnership with Desjardins allows you to quickly discover if you’re eligible for a loan, with no obligation or commitment to move forward.
    The Couvreur Couv-Toit team wants to provide peace of mind, so you’re not constantly worrying about your roof!

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    • I’m very satisfied with the work that was done. The team was super-professional and gave me great advice. I strongly recommend them.

      Steve L
    • Outstanding service from the moment I got the estimate until the work was done. Out of the five companies I called, this was the only one where the appraiser actually went up on the roof. The team of eight (!!!) was punctual, the work was well done, and they cleaned up everything before they left.

      Roger Lupien
    • I was fully satisfied with the repair work done on my TPO membrane roof. The team that came to my home was energetic, upbeat and conscientious. I spent the whole day on the roof with them, and I truly felt that each and every one of them was firmly committed to doing the best job possible. What’s more, when I came down at the end of the day, to my surprise, the house, the property, the street and everything around them had been thoroughly cleaned, as if nothing had happened. (For those who’ve pulled up an asphalt and gravel roof before, you know how hard it is to keep everything clean.) The team was well equipped, and the work was done quickly and with a good attitude (despite the cold a few days before Christmas of 2020). Three days later, the metalworkers came by to finish up everything, and I’m convinced that my roof won’t need any touch-ups for at least 30 years.

      Gyslain Rastel
    • “Nice experience!” Very reasonable prices, no surprises, the work was done when they said it would be done and the workers were incredibly respectful of my house.”

      Suzanne Bertrand
    • “What a great company, it is a great pleasure to do business with a company of professionals who work efficiently and take care of their work and their job.”

      Marc Beaudoin
    • “Very professional, courteous, punctual and very reasonably priced, it was a pleasure to work with your team.”

      Chantal Desrochers

    Roof shingles

    When the asphalt shingles of roofs undulate, crack and lose their granules it is possible that they can begin to sink very soon and damage the wooden decking, the insulation and the interior finishes of ceilings and floors.

    Shingles are much lighter and more flexible than traditional roofs, so they settle faster. In addition, they require very little maintenance. In short, opting for a shingle roof is choosing to save time and money! Weatherproof, inexpensive, stylish, environmentally friendly and insulating, shingles are the most popular roofing material as it offers many benefits.


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    TPO roof

    TPO roofs have a long service life and are resistant to bacteria and ultraviolet rays. They are also effective against insects and moisture, and do not require maintenance. Do not worry, these types of canvas are resistant to bad weather of all kinds.

    TPO membranes are single-layer systems made of polyolefin thermoplastic. They combine durability and performance. The membranes reflect the sun’s rays and therefore do not absorb heat. Roof temperatures remain cooler in summer, which helps to save on cooling costs.


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    Elastomer Membrane Roofing

    The elastomeric membrane is a product offered for more than 40 years. It is recognized as proven to replace gravel-bitumen overlays.

    The elastomer is in the form of a very durable bilayer membrane. The two layers are fused with a torch, a delicate and decisive operation for the life of the coating. Couvreur Couv-Toit has the certifications and the competent and certified teams to ensure an installation respecting the highest standards.


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    How to choose the best Roofer Expert?

    When it comes to choosing a residential roofing contractor, it’s important to choose an experienced contractor who can give your roof the quality it needs to protect your family and belongings. When choosing a roofing contractor for your home, you should look for a roofing expert with the proper certification and an excellent business reputation.

    Know the tricks to choose a roofer

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