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Roof snow removal

A roof can withstand a heavy snow load. However, in the case of exceptional accumulations or ice storms, it is necessary to intervene quickly, especially during times of mild weather.

There may also be snow removal from the roof even if there has been no snow accumulation. Rapid changes in temperature, for example from morning to evening, can interfere with the flow of water to the drain due to ice blocking the pipe.

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    Expert snow removal for your roof

    In winter, snow accumulating on your roof can mean danger for your building’s structure. Extra weight weakens the roof and can even cause it to collapse, possibly injuring people in and around the building.

    Call on our team of professional snow removal experts to remove snow and ice that can damage your roof!

    At Couvreur Couv-Toit, our experienced team of snow removal experts is equipped to work safely, without putting themselves, or others at risk. Additionally, we use adapted techniques to remove snow or ice that won’t damage your roof.

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    Reasons to clear the roof

    • The snow on the gutters and the possibility of infiltration by overflow
    • Collapse of snow or ice may fall and cause injury
    • The weight of snow and ice can cause sagging of the roof
    • Snow and ice can damage the roof by forming cracks and water seepage


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