• Maintain your roof

    The following list provides practical tips on roof maintenance. This list will help you know what to check when doing regular maintenance on your roof.

Why maintain your roof?

Even though there is no obvious sign of damage, every homeowner should regularly check and maintain their roof to maintain its integrity and protect the home. Maintenance is an investment that yields significant returns over time.

Cleaning and maintenance

Regular roof cleaning is an important part of roof maintenance and related systems.

Pay special attention not only to shingles and flashings, but also to other key features, such as gutters, downspouts, skylights, vents, chimneys, solar panels, ventilation elements.

Here are our recommendations:

Working from the ground, you must regularly remove debris on the roof, including leaves, branches and other items that can clutter the surface. To reduce the amount of debris on the roof, trim and remove the vegetation above the roof.

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