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Preventive maintenance of commercial roofing

By regularly inspecting your roof, our team will be able to detect any breakage or the smallest water infiltration that could damage your building. They will then be able to repair your roof quickly and efficiently!

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At Couvreur Couv-Toit, integrity, quality, safety, customer satisfaction and innovation have been our core values ​​since 2005.

We continually approach each project with the determination to go beyond expectations and ensure that our day-to-day decisions align with our vision and guiding principles. Since 2005, Couvreur Couv-Toit has built a reputation for excellence in meeting the highest standards of performance at every stage of the roofing process, whether it’s installing a new roof, building a roof or replacing an old one. This rich history continues to shape our future and allows us to continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers.

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The preventative maintenance program is the abolition of any budgetary concern and premature breakage!

To extend the life of your roof, Couvreur Couv-Toit has developed a preventive maintenance program that will give it 5, 10 or even 15 years more! Using fair and reliable management and proven methods, we will ensure that our work is efficient, sustainable and professional.

  • Life of the roof drastically extended
  • Maintaining your guarantees
  • Recycling components when replacing the membrane
  • Reduce the operating costs of your roofs


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+ Good reputation since 2005

+ Beneficial financing options

+ More than 5000 customers

+ Warranty on installation and materials

+ Reference of previous customers available

+ Certification of Expert Roofer