Since December 31, AccordD financing is no longer available. Please note, that we are currently working to offer you new ways to finance your roof. Details will follow shortly. It is also possible to pay for your roof with the main credit cards.

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Up to 12 years
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Fixed interest rate

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Factors that determine the cost of a new roof

There are a lot of things to consider when calculating the price of a roof. Cost will vary based on:

  • The surface area of the roof we’ll be building
  • The type of roofing (sloped or flat)
  • The style of the house and its roofing
  • The selected coating (shingle, elastomeric membrane or TPO)
  • The quality of the roofing materials
  • The roof’s slope factor (pitch to angle)
  • The amount of gables
  • Related work to be done (framing, ventilation, support, insulation, etc.)
  • The chosen warranty
  • The quality, experience and professionalism of the roofers